The Body Essential 200ml

Smile with your body.

Body Essential is the multi-performance body treatment appropiate for a city way of life. By combining the quality of the active ingredients, it protects the body’s skin from polluting agents, UV rays and restores, over time, a powerful toning and smoothing quality.


200ML pack

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  • Anti-pollution: the natural innovative ingredients of “Alga Skin” capture impurities throughout the day while carrying out a purifying and detoxifying action. 
  • Effects can be seen even just after one week of regular usage. 
  • Antioxidant: the combination of Vitamins B, C and E strengthens the restoring and draining actions and, in this way, it improves skin tone. 
  • Rejuvenating: natural biopolymers combined with the innovative PatcH2O technology which gradually release plant ingredients within the skin, restructuring the skin in depth. 
  • Toning: Glaucine extracted from Yellow Poppies stimulates lipolysis and draining of stagnant liquid. 


Complete protection lotion, all day long, for the entire body. The airless bottle, for maximum use, guarantees perfect storage over time and with zero waste.

  • Its exclusive formula contains natural oils and sugars as well as natural biopolymers. 
  • The ingredients have a very high concentration level in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness.
  • This concentrated lotion contains Trehalose, a natural sugar, which slowly releases water creating a protective film on the skin within which it always remains properly moisturized.